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CORN SYMPOSIUM is a two-day event in New York City dedicated to all things corn. In bringing together a wide range of presenters, the symposium will explore all aspects of corn though lectures, demonstrations, tastings, and cooking classes. Though the primary focus will be on corn as food, art, culture, and politics will also be discussed, following a through line from corn’s ancient history and propagation to its current role in the modern food system.

The first day, Sunday September 8th, will take place at The New School’s Tishman Auditorium, where participants will hear lectures, view presentations, engage in discussions, and have a chance to meet the symposiasts and fellow attendees. The second day, Monday September 9th, will consist of small, tastings, demos as well as hands-on classes in various kitchens around the city, during which participants will learn about techniques of working with corn and experience its many different flavors.


Modern life is so busy. When was the last time you took two days to focus on a single subject?

Corn has played a pivotal role in cultures and cuisines around the world for centuries, yet this ingredient still remains something we take for granted even as we know very little about it. There is more to corn than what's on the cob.

From the discovery of nixtamalization to issues of biodiversity and the role corn plays in the modern world— the symposium will look deep into these extraordinary kernels to tease out their meanings.


Corn Symposium is for both food professionals and for the general public who are interested in delving into a single subject for two days and learning more about corn.

Though initially conceived as professional development/continuing education interface for those who work in food and may know more than the average person about corn, by no means do we care to exclude anyone.

If you are interested to deep dive on a subject, then you’re invited to come participate.



Sunday September 8th
Monday September 9th, 2019


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Themes Include


Working with Masa

Whisky and How Its Made

The breeding and Propagation of Corn

Chicha and Its Cultural Place in Traditional Peruvian Communities

Corn in the Arts

Polenta vs. Grits

Corn Ferments

The American South and Corn Milling

Baking with Corn

and more...

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